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About Pastor Cisneros 

Jesus Cisneros was born on December 11, 1955 in San Antonio, TX. His parents received Jesus as their Lord and Savior when he was still very young. His mother had a strong spiritual influence upon his life, teaching him the fundamentals of a solid Christian life. His father rebelled for a time, but finally came to obey the calling that God had upon his life as a Pastor. When Jesus was seven years old, his mother passed away. The family stayed together for a time, but at the age of twelve, Jesus could not continue to live in his father's house. His father had become a drunk. His stepmother did not know the Lord and was abusive, mistreating him, his sisters, and his brothers. This caused a root of bitterness to grow deep in his heart. Jesus lived in the worst conditions on the streets, any place he could find refuge. He went to Dallas, TX for a season but only found himself farther away from God staying in hotels with alcoholics and prostitutes. After returning to San Antonio for a while, he traveled to West Texas. Still not committing his life to Jesus Christ, his nights were spent by being tormented by evil spirits, lonliness and bitterness. Finally, he was taken in by a family who began little by little taking him to church with them. The Lord began the wonderful work of transforming Jesus Cisneros from a bitter, lonely young man to someone that He would be able to use in the future. For a time, Jesus lived the life of one foot in the church and one foot out. During this time, he met a young woman named Maricela, whom he later married. Maricela and her family were members of the Baptist Mission in Ralls, TX. Jesus did not want to change totally committing his life, yet. Maricela and her parents began to pray for Jesus and finally the Lord did a powerful work in his life. Jesus Cisneros fell in love with God. Very soon, he was being used in the music ministry. He was also captivated by men of God that would come and minister at the church. Finding himself being drawn more and more into the work of the Lord, he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Going back to Ralls, he found himself with the responsibility of a Pastor thrust upon him. This was a fulfillment of a prophesy that had been given to him by Pastor Manuel Vargas, when he was a young man. Pastor Cisneros began pastoring the little flock at Templo Nueva Vida in Ralls in 1978. The Lord began using him in preaching the Word of God. Pastor Jesus and his wife, Maricela, were married on June 16, 1973 and have been blessed with three children: Jessica, Joshua and Marissa. They have 3 grandsons, Tristan, Robert and Roman, Jessica's Sons

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